How to increase the speed of your service by 10 minutes.

Let’s face it, the service your customers receive while dining-in accounts for more than of the satisfaction factors. And in today’s world it is easier to generate repeated revenue than to increase your customer base. So you don’t want to lose your customers to bad and slow service or to have a 3-star rating due to some operational inefficiencies.
So imagine getting the customer a Tagliatelle when he asked for Penne and forgetting to add extra parmesan to it; or serving the food after 40 minutes because your servers wait in line in front of the POS to enter the orders; or even giving missing information about the constituents of a plate because your waiters can’t memorize all of the 18 ingredients in your Asian Special: Spiced Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Tom Yum Coke!
All of these mishaps are likely to occur when you have 5 waiters working a pm shift with one or two workstations on the floor and your food menu is rich with weird ingredients.
The best way to solve these problems and add a cool, modern factor to your restaurant is to use Hand Held POS Systems where your servers can take orders on an iPad right in front of the guests.
The waiter can see the menu and read the ingredients of the dish that the customer wants from his tablet, entering the selected items and adding the desired modification as the customer requests them. Once the order is completed, it is dispatched to the kitchen/bar in real time thus increasing the speed of the service and reducing order mistakes.
Implementers of Hand Held POS Systems have observed a 10 minutes increase in the food servicing time, a 50{b2b8d3f91a518f19ca50967a7163ec5429c16c528d575b4a3c37f66f2f82423f} reduction in order mistakes, improved customer experience, waiter satisfaction and reduced cost.
This new technology which is available in Omega’s Restaurant Management POS Software O-live is expected to become a $3 billion dollar industry in 2018