Reports in your POS

Reports in your POS


One of the main features to look at when you’re purchasing new pos software for your business is the back office and online reporting. It is important that your new pos has online reporting so that you can stay up to date with your sales when you’re home or when you’re traveling and you have no access to your pos back office. Omega Software’s O-track gives you access to sales and performance reports anywhere you are, on any device for example, you can be sun tanning in Mauritius and following up on your Becky’s restaurant’s day sales and closing numbers in Paris or India all from your mobile phone.


Here are the 5 main types of reports you should require to have in your pos software.


  1. Sales Reports

Of course the most important part of the business is customer satisfaction and sales. You should run those reports the most frequently to stay up to date with when your customers are buying from you, how much, what and the method of payment they are using during a selected period of time. The reports should include net sales, gratuity, tips, payment method, and discounts made. This should help you optimize your product offerings, and opening time for higher sales numbers.


  1. Sales Exceptions Reports

Similar to sales reports, exceptions reports play a crucial part in controlling your business and your staff. Sales exceptions reports give you an indication of voids and refunds. The reports should allow you to see the total number of exceptions, percentage and number given by each staff member allowing you to know if you’re running efficient operations and if anyone of your staff is under-trained or is not providing proper service to your customers.


  1. Labor Reports

Labor reports should provide you with insight on how the productivity of your staff is translating into sales. The reports should include labor cost percentage. You should be able to see the real productivity of each member of your staff during a specified period of time. You should also be able to export payroll reports, pool tips and punching time entries.


  1. Product Mix Reports & Menu Reports

When you’re running a restaurant, your success is determined by the food on your menu and the dining experience you provide to your customers. Product mix and menu reports automatically tracks which items on your menus are the most selling and the least selling per day and the modifiers that your customers are adding.


  1. Accounting Reports

Tax season can pretty stressful for you and your accountants that’s why your pos software should provide you with reports to make taxation easier. Accounting reports let you track your assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses. In Omega Software, your pos is backed up with O-impact accounting software which does all of the bookkeeping for you, saving you time and money

Omega Software provides businesses with more than 500 different reports coming from their pos software straight to their managers’ screens.

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