Reserve your way to excellence

You are running an Italian restaurant and it’s a busy week. Mrs. Elisabeth, a VIP customer calls to book a Saturday night reservation and your part time waiter reserves a table for her in the corner way away from the band and reserves the table under the name Isabelle.

On Saturday, it starts raining from the afternoon and some clients call to cancel their reservations while others call to book a table by the chimney, enjoy the wine and the soup. You have 4 tables around the chimney but your staff lost track of which ones are reserved and which are not. Finally it’s 8:00 PM and people start showing… Mrs. Elisabeth couldn’t find a table in her name and finally after calling the manager she got the table in the corner and of course she wasn’t happy about it. All the tables by the chimney were taken and 3 more were reserved which resulted in 12 disappointed customers… The reservations in front of the stage were no show, and it was a complete chaos!

To avoid nights like this, losing valued customers and disappointing first timers and for better management of reservations, Omega Software developed Table Reservation Module integrated in O-Live restaurant management software for restaurants of all types and sizes.

Because you know long term customers are more valuable, add their number to TRM and know who they are when they call. Add their preferences and personal details so that your new staff or part timers know how to handle their reservations.

Add a floor map to your reservation system so that your staff can clearly see which tables are reserved and which are not. Graphical representation of the table placements significantly reduces errors and duplicate reservations

O-live’s TRM will automatically warn you when the seating capacity is considerably reduced so that you can save the last few seats for your preferred customers.

Some of your customers would fight the blizzard for your Parmigiana, while some others book tables at 4 other restaurants to have options to choose from at the last minute. Add your no shows to your TR and it will show you the reservation history of your customers as they call. TRM will also show you which tables reservations did not show up on time and would show each waiter the status of the tables in his section so that he can seat your walk ins.

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